THANK YOU for registering to participate in the 2023 Mini, Pony, and Horse Pulling events.  If you have any questions, please email us at:

For Friday, the pulling arena will be open starting at 12 Noon.

The Bradford Fair Concession Booth will be open for food and beverages.

Minis will pull on Friday, July 14th starting at 3 PM. Classes are 34 and 38.

Ponies will pull on Friday, July 14th (following the Minis), and we will pull them all at the same time, unless we get a large number of teams participating. Classes are 1850, 2250 and Free-For-All

Horses will pull on Sunday, July 16th. Weigh-in is between 8 – 10 AM.  Classes are 3100, 3400, and FFA.

Gate fee is $10 per person.

*Important Message* – We do need to stress that we are short on volunteers. We ask that everyone be appreciative of the folks who have been working tirelessly to get the grounds ready for these events. We are working hard to keep these events going so you all have a place to do what you love to do.

Please be kind, be patient and be sure to say to thank the handful of volunteers that are out working these events.

Have fun and thank you for participating!